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At Luray Import Service, Inc. we use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible. That means that we are purchasing parts from the same manufacturer that made the part for the maker of the vehicle (Honda, Toyota, etc.) when it was originally built. This ensures the best fit, material, and functionality for your vehicle.

If for some reason OEM parts are not available, we know which manufacturers to look for and which ones to avoid. Also, if a repair option involves a used part, we have several used parts dealers that we have dealt with for several years with whom we have a good working relationship and whose quality we can trust. For larger jobs like engine and transmission swaps, we also have several reliable distributors from which to choose.

Lastly, many consumers mistakenly believe that if they buy the part themselves, at Auto Zone or other consumer outlets, that they will save money. Actually, in addition to the fact that these parts are typically of much lower quality than OEM parts, we can usually get the OEM part shipped to us the next day at the same or lower price.


Our labor rate is $64.00/hour. In the Northern Virginia and Maryland area, labor rates are currently between $110 - $250/hour. In the Harrisonburg area labor rates average about $95/hour. In addition to our low labor rate, we also save you money by never replacing parts you don't need, diagnosing your problem correctly the first time and using our years of experience to complete the job quickly saving you labor costs and providing the quickest possible turnaround.

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