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Superior diagnostic ability is the cornerstone of Luray Import Service, Inc. The ability to quickly and correctly diagnose your problem saves you labor costs as well as unecessary parts expenses. It is also most often what generates the best word-of-mouth advertising.

Experience is a major benefit to someone attempting to diagnose any problem whether mechanical, physical, etc. The owner diagnoses every problem and has almost 40 years of car repair experience.

The ability to understand the complete working picture behind auto mechanics, electrical systems, pressurized systems and computer technology as well as the physics behind and chemical properties of the fluids and vapors is also essential to determining the cause of a problem. The owner was always at the head of his Advanced Placement classes in these subjects and graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. His years of experience in the auto mechanics industry have only deepend his knowledge and improved his understanding of these subjects.

Having the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment is only helpful if you have a full understanding of how to use the equipment and what the data generated means. Having the equipment to see the sine wave of an electrical current, for example, is only helpful if you know A) what it should be, B) how what you are seeing is different from what it should be and C) what course of action or change in circumstances will make it what it should be. In addition to having invested thousands of dollars in the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment in the industry today, we also understand how to put that technology to use to save our customers money and get their car back to them as quickly as possible.

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